Silver Wing Type

SilverWing Type

SILVER Wing Type I.V. Cannula with injection port & valve.


I.V. Needle

  • Specially back grinded needle, sharp bevel.
  • Optimum penetration& smooth insertion high performance.
  • Less then zero chance of inadvertent.
  • Needle Hub
  • Catheter hub
  • 3-Stripe Radio-opaque Catheter hub
  • Injection Port
  • Butterfly wings
  • 3-holes on each wing
  • Sterilization
  • Wider needle hub to keep stronger grip to set cannula during insertion.
  • Blood comes into transparent hub & clearly identify for perfect cannulization.
  • Japanese 3- Stripe Radio opaque Catheter ETFE/PTFE/FEP tube are used for tip forming & it done on automatic tip formation machines, so the tip always stick with needle for smooth insertion.
  • Stripe Radio opaque Catheter ETFE/PTFE/FEP, tube are used to identify any emergency, catheter tube can be traced by x-rays.
  • ETFE/PTFE/FEP Catheter Tube surface are extra smooth & inserting with out any resistance of thrombogenicity ; Causing lowest resistance during insertion because ignorable coefficient of friction.
  • Through injection port medicines can be given with out enlarging extra insertion, Non return valve is placed inside in line the hub.
  • To make a firm grip on wriest wings are designed wider in butterfly shape.
  • As wider wings offered perfect cannulization with out any extra pain.
  • Holes are provided on each wing for cross air, / hence no irritation or radish skin.
  • Sterilization system works under controlled fresh air process.
  • Ethylene oxide gas is used for sterilizing.

Salient Features

  • Peel open blister pack. (Special order Tyvek paper packing can provide) Flow rate , Manufacturing & Expiry date printed on pack.

International Color Code,

  • International Standard Organization color code approved for each gauge size. & also FDA / CE recommended.


Color Code Gauge Catheter Ext. Dia X length(mm) Water flow rate as BS –4843, ml /mm
Grey 16 1.70 X 45 180
Green 18 1.20 X 38 90
Pink 20 1.00 X 32 57
Blue 22 0.80 X 25 33
yellow 24 0.70 X 19 13